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Life Skills Training in the Home

Life skills training in the home

New Horizons Support Servies provide Life Skills Training in the Home Programmes that support people with the development of Life skills that are required to live Independently.

To young adults, the world can seem like a frightening place full of judgment and rejection. To a young adult with a Learning Difficultity, this feeling may be experienced ten-fold. For a population that often feels like they have even more to prove than their peers, learning the basics can be a life line and the route to a life of independence. We provide training and practice in a variety of life skills targeted towards increasing self-sufficiency in everyday life. Skills are taught in the home to allow for effective real-world learning experiences.

New Horizons Support Services offers training in the following areas:

  • Managing income and expenses
  • Daily Planning, managing time; using schedules and calendars
  • Organizing and completing paperwork, mail and email
  • Managing living space, cleaning, washing and other household chores
  • Planning meals and cooking
  •  Travel Training & Planning
  •  Communicating with others and advocating for oneself

Our Life Skills Training can include the  four elements of making a positive first impression: hygiene, grooming, dress, and attitude. Via clear step-by-step instruction, we can provide support with showering, explain the importance of hand-washing to control the spread of disease and good bathroom hygiene – including proper menstrual hygiene.

Training can include tips on grooming for men and women, how to demonstrate pride in appearance, and the basics of appropriate dress and explaing the reality of how others judge our attitude: via body language, tone of voice, use of good manners, a humble demeanor, and more.

Can adults with disabilities learn new skills?

Most adults with learning disabilities enjoy learning. Developing new skills or improving existing skills helps them feel important, intelligent, and more independent. In addition, the social interaction they have with a support worker can provide valuable positive reinforcement and can be stimulating and motivating.

Adults with learning disabilities can learn a variety of life-enhancing skills. They can learn to complete household tasks, make financial transactions, tend to their personal hygiene, and facilitate appropriate interactions with others. Loading a dishwasher, cashing a check, shaving, or making a telephone call to a friend are just a few examples of skills an adult learner may be able to acquire.

There are a number of factors to consider when working with adults with learning disabilities, including their age, mental capacity, physical capabilities, preferences, and the kinds of skills that are most appropriate for their individual circumstances. Taking these factors into account, the support worker can design a skills training program that will not only benefit the individual, but that he or she is ready, willing, and able to begin.

Teaching new skills to individuals with developmental disabilities takes time, patience, and persistence. It begins with the development of a structured teaching strategy. Similar to a school curriculum, a teaching strategy describes the overall goal of the instruction and also identifies smaller, more easily attainable objectives the individual can reach on the way to mastering the overall goal. It also provides an outline for our staff members to follow that will enable them to properly implement the training procedure.

Training strategies describe the behaviors expected of the adult learner, what he or she is working towards to achieve, the instructions and assistance (prompting) staff will provide to support the achievement of the desired outcome, and the materials needed to implement the training procedure.

Once the training strategy is developed and implemented, we review it on a regular basis to ensure that the individual is receiving the most effective support,  evaluating progress regularly and modify the plan whenever necessary in order to optimize learning.

As is the case for all of us, an individual with developmental disabilities may experience some diminishment in mental capacity as he or she ages. Medical conditions such as stroke, dementia, and Alzheimer’s may develop and impede learning. It may be necessary to customize a teaching strategy based on the diminished cognitive or physical capabilities of the individual.

We undserstand that an adult learner may be able to complete a certain task, but not exactly the way it is outlined in his or her strategy. In that case, the strategy may need to be modified. Sometimes, it matters more that the task was completed than how it was completed.

Our support strategies always focus on an individual’s existing interests and abilities, and are designed around his or her personal choices. As we know that is important to remember that each person has the right to choose and refuse support, and that his or her personal preferences may change over time.

Our services are accessible to individuals with mild/moderate needs to those who require specialist support and can be funded privately or if arrangements are in place through Health & Social Services funding.

New Horizons are Approved Providers of Short Breaks Respite Services for Children, Outreach Short Breaks Respite Services for Adults and Home Care Services with The States of Jersey and so you may be able to apply for funding for these services.Further information on the Long Term Care Scheme and Approved Providers can be found on The States Of Jersey Website.

Whether your care is paid for by private or public funds, we can deliver a high quality service to you, tailored to your individual requirements. Our Life Skills Training in the Home Services is based on your care needs and the level of support required and starts from £24.00 an hour for 1:1 support.

To find out more about our Life Skills Training in the Home Service and receive a quote based on your individual needs, please contact our team on 01534 888826 or via our contact form. Were a Social Enterprise Badge New_Horizons_as_featured_on netmum.com_badge