Our Vision, Aims, Mission Statement & Core Values New Horizons Support Services
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Supporting people to have unique experiences

Our Vision, Aims, Mission & Values

Our Vision is to Provide a service that enables people to live the life they choose.

Our Aims

  • To ensure that people have a real choice of services, offering unique solutions to each individual’s requirements.
  • To enable people to participate in their communities, and provide each individual accessing our services the opportunity to have their own unique experience in life.
  • To ensure that people have a real choice of services offering unique solutions to each individual’s requirements.
  • To provide tailor-made services that people can buy into to improve their quality of life.
  • To become an established local provider of social care services and promote the Island of Jersey as a unique tourist destination through the supported holiday service.
  • Work in partnership with other service providers to help make the personalisation of services a practical local reality.

Mission statement

New Horizons is committed to providing individualised support services for people with physical, developmental or social impairments, enabling them to live independent and productive lives.

Core Values

  • Service

We operate a social business that integrates concern and ethical business practices with financial acumen and quality corporate management.We aim to provide a consistent and sustainable quality social care service that is continually improving, whilst complying with all relevant legislation, regulation and best practice guidance.We champion sustainable development, green living and regeneration, embedding sustainability in all of our activities.

  • Independence

We seek to promote social justice, independence and choice, diversity and equality of opportunity. Supporting customers and staff to realise their full potential.

  • Enable

We recognise that investment in people, place and purpose is vital to our success in sustaining and revitalising our community an enabling people to live the life they choose.

  • Participation

As an organisation, be an active participant in the local community and provide individuals the opportunity to be a part of their communities. We share knowledge and resources, working in partnership with like-minded others to achieve our objectives, focusing on reaching agreement in all we do. We encourage excellence by actively involving, customers, our community, stakeholders and staff, supporting innovation in all aspects of our work.

  • Value

We value peoples’ gifts and aspirations whilst recognising and meeting their needs. We create a positive living and working environment encouraging individual and community wellbeing, fostering shared optimism and purpose.

  • Person Centred

Putting people first is at our core and we listen to our customers, staff and those working for partner agencies to ensure that New Horizons is a human-centred organisation. We provide a flexible, person centred service, shaped around the requirements of the individuals accessing the services.

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